Upcoming Webinar – May 31, 2017: Inference Solutions Q for Me
Some of the benefits of QforMe include:
  • user definable wait thresholds
  • complete prompt control
  • SaaS Deployment Model & entirely API driven
Join us in this webinar and learn about these and other advantages of QforMe when combined with the Inference Studio private cloud platform.
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PT | May 31, 2017

Recorded Webinar – April 11, 2017: Studio 4.2 – Inbound/Outbound SMS Campaigns

In this Webinar CEO, Callan Schebella takes you through the latest exciting features and functionalities of Studio 4.2.

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PT | April 11, 2017



Recorded Webinar – March 14, 2017: Economics of SaaS
The delivery of services via a SaaS model is now commonplace in many industries. This webinar looks ‘under the hood’ at hosted IVR and complex call routing solutions delivered via the Inference Studio platform. Whether you are interested in a campaign dialer, speech recognition, PCI-payments or voice bio-metrics all of these services have complex cost models that need to be understood. In this webinar you will learn how concepts such as session pooling and over subscription can work to dramatically lower the cost of enterprise services.

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PT | March 14, 2017


Recorded Webinar – January 31, 2017: Carrier-Centric Solutions: Why Inference?
Inference Solutions is the only carrier-centric, cloud-based IVR and complex call handling solutions provider in the world. Attend this webinar and understand the value of partnering with a carrier-centric solutions provider can bring to your organization and that of your customers
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PT | January 31, 2017


Recorded Webinar – December 13, 2016: Plugging Gaps in your Cloud Telephony Strategy
Cloud telephony migration continues to accelerate. Each day many organisations are making the switch but realizing that a standard feature on their premise based PBX may not be so standard in the cloud. This webinar focuses on how hosted carriers and service providers are turning to Inference Solutions to provide the features that customers expect. Find out how CTI, screen-pop, complex IVR, outbound dialing, PCI-payments and much more can be easily added to your cloud telephony solution.
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PT | December 13, 2016


Recorded Webinar – December 06, 2016: Inference Solutions: Voice Biometrics – Enhanced Credentialing
Some of the benefits of Voice Biometrics include:
  • Enable Voice Credentialing for Applications or Websites
  • Full Control of Managing Bio-metric Recordings
  • Customizable TTS/ASR design prompts
Join Mike Gorman, Director Technical Pre Sales, Inference Solutions in this webinar and learn about these and other advantages of Voice Biometrics when combined with the Inference Studio private cloud platform.
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PT | December 06, 2016


Recorded Webinar – November 22, 2016: Inference Solutions on Cisco Tropo
Recent years have seen the rise of UCaaS platforms such as Tropo, Twilio and Nexmo. Many enterprise customers are now looking to such platforms to see how they might complement their telephony strategy. The challenge with UCaaS platforms is that they are designed with developers in mind. Non-technical users have been overlooked, until now. Studio 4.1 fully supports the Tropo UCaaS platform allowing non technical users to design and develop Studio scripts and have the entire interaction powered by Tropo. In this webinar we look at Studio as an overlay over Cisco Tropo.


Recorded Webinar – October, 2016: Inference Studio as a technology aggregation hub:
Inference Studio is now in use by dozens of Carriers globally. One of the reasons why, is that Inference does the heavy lifting when it comes to evaluating and making new technology accessible. Studio 4.0 has more than 30 different nodes to choose from, with more nodes being added all the time. Watch this recorded webinar and learn the role of Inference Studio as a technology aggregation hub; a hub that allows Carriers and Service Providers to make new technologies available to their customers with zero risk and virtually no effort.


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