Virtual agent solutions for service providers

Float glass unloading. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Float glass unloading. Source: Wikimedia Commons


Service providers and carriers are rising to the challenge of providing cloud based unified communication solutions. But as enterprises migrate from mature and highly integrated premise based solutions, service providers are challenged to provide comparable capability. Enterprises then want to realize more value through better call steering, full self-service automation of transactions, or more significant agent assistance. Finally, with customer expectations around artificial intelligence and modern natural language interfaces, the bar is even higher.

Inference now offers service providers globally the partner of choice for virtual agent solutions.

Add artificial intelligence to your cloud communications portfolio. Our virtual agents can power your solutions and provide speech recognition, voice biometrics, text-to-speech, natural language understanding, API integration and more.

Don’t let your opportunities existing full-featured IVR hold back their migration. Leverage Inference’s leading cloud capabilities and fast and simple deployments. Then extend with text and web channels.

Support your customers in automating transactions via voice, text or web. Inference customers have achieved payback in weeks for solutions that have freed up tens of staff to address complex cases, with radically less expensive virtual agents addressing the procedural transactions 24x7.

Assist your customer’s human agents with virtual ones that can perform identification & verification or collect other information pre-call - then screen pop IVR call attached data.

Inference’s multi-tenanted platform is built for service providers to tailor their go-to-market and product model. Talk to us today about how we can partner to complement your cloud portfolio. Or watch our CEO Callan Schebella explain our capabilities for service providers below.