Customer Case Study: Healthcare


The healthcare industry interacts daily with millions of clients. Many of these interactions aren't face to face, but are real time via voice or text. Handling these real time customer interactions smoothly is a critical to healthcare businesses customer satisfaction and business efficiency.

Virtual agents staffing voice (IVR) and text (SMS) interactions can:

  • extend service hours, improve service levels, and facilitate client self service

  • assist human agents by providing automated caller identification & verification

Roger Venning, our VP of Customer Success presented a customer case study webinar for the healthcare industry. Inference has an array of customers in the healthcare industry such as insurance organizations, medical practices (both retail and specialist) & pharmacies. They use the Inference applications suite to solve:

  1. Interaction automation

  2. Agent assistance

  3. Interaction steering and automation

The webinar demonstrates a series of solutions from the Studio Task Library that allow you to instantly build call flows for appointment reminders, patient notifications, overflow callbacks and location routers to name a few. 

In addition to this, Inference has been audited by independent security assessors to receive full HIPAA compliance ( Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ) through the use of our Secure Channel feature. This feature is available to all Inference Studio customers and ensures that your patient's medical data is safeguarded at all times.

Learn more and see interactive demos by watching the full webinar below.

Owen Schebella