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How Inference Enables Service Providers to Deliver Virtual Agent Solutions

Callan Schebella, CEO
Roger Venning, VP Customer Success

8 August, 2018 2:00 PM AEST (Australia)

Inference Solutions provides virtual agents that automate and facilitate interactions between organizations and their customers.

As a cloud-native solution with built in hierarchical management and bring-your-own carriage, Inference provides the ideal way for service providers to extend virtual agents solutions to their customers. Service providers can help their clients blend Inference automation and AI with client staff for a better customer experience.

Join CEO Callan Schebella and VP Customer Success Roger Venning to

  • learn how Inference virtual agents based solutions are used across retail, hospitality, healthcare and other verticals
  • understand the customer business case for virtual agents
  • see how Inference's solution provides hierarchical management for service providers, channels and customers; and
  • identify the business case elements for adding Inference solutions to your product portfolio