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Inference Studio 5.3 Feature Preview

Santosh Kularni, VP Products

12 September, 2018 2:00 PM AEST (Australia)

(11 September, 2018 9:00 PM Pacific Time)

Prior to it's release, join our VP Products, Santosh Kulkarni for a preview of our upcoming Studio 5.3 features!

  • WebRTC integration. WebRTC has grown in popularity and is supported natively by majority of the browsers today. This first release allows Studio users to quickly test voice tasks from within their browser. In this release we have restricted webRTC access from within the Studio web portal. We have introduced a play task feature that allows you to test your task without the need to map phone numbers.

  • SMS short codes. SMS campaigns now support the use of SMS short codes. Standard SMS numbers have a limit in terms of the number of SMSs that can be sent per second. Short codes allow you to send SMS messages in bulk at a rate of approximately 100 messages per second. This is ideal for running large list-based campaigns.

  • Support for confusables. The Form node has been extended to include support for confusables. If you have a custom form type you will have an option to save the speech recognition results in an array variable. This means if your form type has items that are similar sounding, you can get back all the matching items.