Five9 Solution Guide

Five9 offers an easy-to-use, visual, IVR builder as part of its Intelligent Cloud Contact Center. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) enables human-computer interaction for inbound and autodial campaign calls. With the recent update of the 3rd Party Transfer Module, Five9’s IVR has become more powerful, enabling calls to be transferred to Inference where customers can interact with intelligent virtual agents that use the latest speech-to-text, text-to- speech and natural language processing from Google, IBM Watson and other cloud-based Conversational AI providers. This enables Five9 customers to easily build and deploy self-service applications that automate many more of the routine and repetitive tasks that are traditionally handled by live agents.

Five9 has integrated our AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Agents to automate the routine and repetitive conversations handled by live agents, freeing your live agents to provide value where they’re most needed.  Read the guide to learn more.

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Find out why leading brands are deploying virtual agents to serve their customers.

The Inference IVA solution was easy to implement and actually wrapped up ahead of schedule, which is unheard of with a project of this magnitude.
— Patrick Branley, Director of Technology at Pizza Hut Australia