How Virtual Agents Went to Work as Hotel Concierges


Hotel concierges provide guests with prompt, courteous replies to queries about hotel amenities, local restaurants, transportation options activities and community happenings. At peak times, concierge agents may miss new guest service requests because they are already assisting other guests. Could an automated, yet personalizable, Intelligent Virtual Agent augment live hotel concierge agents to ensure that all requests are responded to quickly and efficiently?


A London Heathrow area hotel tested then deployed Inference Solutions’ Intelligent Virtual Agent, a cloud-based, speech-enabled AI system that augments and improves human contact center agent performance. Inference Solutions’ Intelligent Virtual Agents are integrated into the hotel’s cloud telephony service, which is procured from Fourteen IP, a systems integrator specializing in the Hospitality Industry. Fourteen IP is a channel partner to thevoicefactory, a UK-based communications service provider. thevoicefactory provides wholesale cloud telephony services based on Cisco BroadWorks to customers located in 72 countries throughout the world.


  • Guest call volume to live concierge agents was reduced by 40%, which allowed the human agents to focus on the more complex guest queries.

  • Average call time to live concierge agents decreased by 60 seconds because the Intelligent Virtual Agent collects information from the guest and transmits it to the live agent before they speak to the guest, reducing agent call time.

  • Average time to answer a guest call was reduced from 20 to 12 seconds, meaning response time was faster.

  • Guest satisfaction scores remained constant, proving that well-crafted AI technology can provide significant benefits to the hotel while remaining invisible to the customer.