Inference Dialers

Inference offers a number of solutions when it comes to dialers. Whether its click-to-call functionality, a power dialer or a predictive dialler that you are after, there is a solution that will work for you.



Inference offers a cloud based predictive dialer specifically targeted for BroadWorks service providers and their customer contact centers. This dialer aims to reduce the average agent idle-time significantly thereby reducing the campaign duration. This boosts contact center performance as it maximizes the number of calls made per hour. The dialer utilizes sophisticated pacing algorithms that can compute howmany outbound calls should be placed such that every answered callcan be connected to a free agent. It offers significant improvement in agent talk time over progressive dialers while ensuring drop rate does not exceed a pre-defined threshold. Spend more time talking and less time dialing. The dialer has built-in TCPA compliance functionality so you don’t risk heavy fines for lack of compliance. It also offers local number presence and works in blended mode.



Inference Studio’s list-based campaign module offers power dialing functionality to support high-volume call applications. It allows you to create campaigns via a simple web interface. You just need to upload the list of contacts you want to call, configure the campaign schedule and the call behaviour via a Studio task. The dialer can be paused or stopped anytime ensuring you are in control of your campaign. The dialer offers support to define after hours behaviour (pause or stop) for campaigns that span multiple days.



If you are looking for an automated progressive dialer where you engage the agent before placing the outbound call, we have twooptions to choose from. Inference Studio offers an on-demandcampaign module that provides the ability to make outbound calls viaan API call. You can integrate the API within your CRM system and trigger outbound calls to the call center from within your CRM. Thebehaviour of the call once an agent answers the call can be customizedvia a Studio task. The numbers of calls placed simultaneously can be throttled by configuring the campaign threads. This ensures that you don’t place a large number of calls at once and flood the contact center queue. The Studio on-demand campaigns can be used for Click-to-Call functionality that can be embedded within your CRM or contact center software.

A more sophisticated option is to use the React powered progressive dialer. This dialer will monitor your contact center and place calls only when there are idle agents available. This ensures that your contact center queue is not flooded with outbound calls that cannot be answered by agents. This is especially important in a blended contact center that serves both inbound and outbound calls. The calls are placed using Studio so you still have control on the Studio task that defines the call behaviour once the call is answered.