Pizza Hut Orders Up a Better Customer Experience


Web and phone orders for pizza delivery and pick-up constitute a majority of Pizza Hut Australia’s business. Because phone orders cost more than web orders toprocess, the company is keen to efficientlyroute callers to their neighborhood stores.


Pizza Hut Australia implemented a call- steering application using natural language processing to route customer inquiries moreefficiently than its legacy solution.

Using intelligent virtual agent technology from Inference Solutions, callers can choose to pick up, get a delivery or get answers
to questions. The system enables them to provide their address or current location, and either get details of the nearest restaurant
or be connected to place an order..


By fielding inbound calls with AI-poweredvirtual agents Pizza Hut hopes to overcome some limitations of its legacy call-routing solution and streamline customer interaction.

  • Drag-and-drop functionality of Inference Studio enables existing IT personnel to update IVA functionality on demand.