Predictive Dialer


What is a Predictive Dialer?

A cloud based predictive dialer specifically targeted for BroadWorks service providers and their large customer contact centers. This maximizes contact center efficiency leading to an increased return on investment with your existing call center agents.  All calls are entirely ‘on net’ which means they are powered by the existing BroadWork Service Providers network.


Why do I need a Predictive Dialer?

Using a progressive or a preview dialer for running large outbound campaigns leads to high agent idle time. This results in campaigns that run for extended periods leading to a significant drop in contact center performance. Predictive diallers aim to reduce the average agent idle time significantly thereby reducing the campaign duration. This boosts contact center performance as it maximizes the number of calls made per hour.


How does the Predictive Dialer work?

Inference’s Predictive Dialer uses mathematical algorithms to predict when an agent will be free and relies on the principle of dialing ahead. Leveraging Inference React for deep integration into BroadWorks call events, Inference Predictive Dialer utilizes sophisticated pacing algorithms that can compute how many outbound calls should be placed such that every answered call can be connected to a free agent. The predictive dialer is based on a machine learning model so the prediction accuracy improves as the campaign progresses thereby making it ideal for running large campaigns.


What are the key features of a Predictive Dialer?

  • Agent talk time vs Drop rate- Significant improvement in agent talk time over progressive dialers while ensuring drop rate does not exceed a pre-defined threshold. Spend more time talking and less time dialing.

  • Blended mode- Combine the power of predictive dialing with the capacity to deliver both inbound and outbound calls to the same group of agents dynamically.   

  • Campaign Reporting- Provides real-time view of all running campaigns with key metrics such as calls in progress, abandoned calls, completed calls and idle agents. It also provides a snapshot of key campaign statistics for all completed campaigns.

  • No additional call costs - Calls never leave the carrier network and are powered by the existing BroadWorks carrier network.

Compliance vs Performance

Dialing techniques can potentially be abused in outbound campaigns to maximise the number of calls at the cost of negatively impacting consumers due to an excessive number of abandoned calls, calling at odd hours, and violating user privacy. Because predictive dialing is the most aggressive style, it is particularly prone to being overly intrusive. The Inference Predictive Dialer ensures that it will never exceed the maximum abandoned call rate that has been pre-configured no matter how aggressive the mode is, ensuring it never breaks compliance.