Our AI-powered intelligent Virtual Agents automate the routine and repetitive conversations handled by live agents, freeing  your live agents to provide value where they’re most needed.  

Inference offers a number of solutions when it comes to dialers. Whether its click-to-call functionality, a power dialer or a predictive dialler that you are after, there is a solution that will work for you.

If you use Cisco UCCE, we have a new solution that will help you transform your existing IVR into a self-service solution based on the most advanced conversational AI technologies.

If you use the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center, you can now use Inference’s virtual agents to automate service.

Give time back to your customers with QforMe. Inference provides callers with the opportunity to hold their place in queue and receive a call from an agent when available.

There are a wide range of opportunities to work with Inference to extend Cisco’s UC and Contact Center solutions for your customers. Inference was designed to make it easy for partners to add value to Cisco’s solutions.