More on what we do

Inference provides class leading customer self-service, interaction automation and handling over telephone, text and web channels for enterprises.

Our services are used globally by hundreds of enterprises from points of presence in North America, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Inference provides telecommunications service providers with an essential component of their unified communications strategy.  Dozens of service providers spanning tier one, two and three package Inference Solutions in their business communication service offering. Inference solutions provide full transaction automation, agent and staff assistance and high volume interactions handling.


Full transaction automation

Inference Solutions fully automate routine transactions for enterprises with their customers, providing secure self service, extended hours and dramatic reduction in cost to serve.

In one case, a customer solution handles thousands of transactions a day, 25% of them outside business hours, that allowed redeployment of twenty full time staff to address service levels. The solution was implemented in a month and the payback period was 16 days.

Studio readily integrates to enterprise systems, and also provides an accredited level one Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) compliant payment platform.  Inference services are also HIPPA compliant.


Agent assistance

Inference Solutions support enterprise's contact center agents pre-, post- and during call.

In a pre-call case, a large insurance provider undertakes caller verification using Studio, reducing average handle times by 30 seconds.

Inference features include Secure Call Proxy, which allows an agent to request a mid-call task to be run, including leveraging our Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant payments.

In a post-call case, another enterprise collects valuable customer feedback with thousands of post-call surveys. The surveys are readily tailored, allowing them to drive continuous improvement.



High volume interaction handling

Inference Solutions handles high volume interactions across voice and text channels.

In one case, 50,000 inbound calls a day are routed through an intelligent call-steering solution that allowed the enterprise to bring services previously running on 100+ PBX under centralized management, saving operational costs as well as enabling nationwide specials and campaigns.

Inference Studio capabilities include speech, zip-code and ANI based routing; central management of scheduled hours and advanced integration to private and public APIs.

In another case, an enterprise confirms the outcome of thousands of business transactions each day via outbound text, with automated handling of responses and escalations.