Google Cloud AI Integration

We help our telco and contact center partners package, price and distribute self-service apps that use the latest advances in Conversational AI from Google. 

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Google Speech-to-Text

Inference Studio takes natural language processing to a new level with the addition of the Cloud Speech-to-Text node. This node offers a streaming interface to transcribe user utterances. This means we can do open speech recognition without any delay making the interaction with the virtual agent more natural. This node supports more than 50 languages making our virtual agents multilingual.


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Google Wavenet Text-to-Speech

We have also integrated with Google Text-to-Speech (TTS) service increasing the number of TTS languages that we support to more that 17 with 100 different voices available. The Google TTS voices also support SSML specification providing the ability to further customize the TTS output and make the virtual agent sound natural.

We’ve also added the new Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) Editor. Simply control the expression of your virtual agent prompts with our new SSML graphical editor.


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Google Dialogflow

Natural language processing (NLP) makes it easier for your customers to get support through your automated system because the complexity of the interaction can be dramatically simplified. It also increases the percentage of inquiries that can be automated helping you reduce costs. NLP lets you eliminate complex IVR menus and go beyond speech-enabled, directed dialog systems. Our Virtual Agents help you to embrace NLP by integrating with Dialogflow from Google.

Our new Open Form node has been added to extend Studio’s NLP capabilities. This node extends closed grammar functionality to support foreign languages. It also improves the Dialogflow integration by adding a streaming interface thereby reducing the delay and making the interactions more natural. The Open Form node enables you to use Dialogflow agents that you’ve built yourself or use a pre-built agent from the Inference library.


Google AI Demonstrations

Take a look at these product demonstrations to see how service providers can build conversational self-service applications that harness the power of Google Cloud AI


This demonstration shows how telecommunications service providers can build an Intelligent Virtual Agent that automates outage reporting.

This is a demonstration of an Intelligent Virtual Agent working as a hotel concierge.

Watch a demo of Natural Language Call Steering.

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