Building better conversations

Inference provides virtual agents that automate and facilitate interactions between organizations and their customers. Blend our automation and AI with your people for a better customer experience across voice, text and web. More than just IVR.


Always on. In the cloud.

Let your people focus on what they do best and our virtual agents will do the rest.

Inference’s software-as-a-service offering is used globally by Government, Fortune 500 and small businesses. Our customers trust Inference virtual agents to automate transactions, support live agents and handle millions of conversations across phone, text and web.

Virtual agents work 24x7 supporting your IVR and other channels, and can be introduced without professional services for an immediate return on investment.

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They'll do anything. Virtually.

Virtual agents have a wide variety of skills including speech recognition, natural language processing, text-to-speech, voice biometrics, transcription and API integration. They’re always working and always learning new skills.

Your agents can work on tasks across different channels. They can perform back office functions as well react to changes in your business in real-time. They’re security conscious. Fully PCI compliant. Fully HIPAA compliant.

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Design with Studio.

Studio is the complete browser-based drag & drop environment for designing and managing tasks for your virtual agents.

Using Studio you can design virtual agents to:

  • Autonomously handle routine transactions, allowing your personnel to focus on higher priorities

  • Provide assistance to your human agents, before, during and after customer interactions

  • Handle high volume interactions with advanced decision automation

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Get two free agents now

We'll provide you two free agents for two weeks to let you get started building IVRs and more. Otherwise, book a personal demonstration at a time that suits you to understand more.