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Natural Language contact automation with Inference Virtual Agents

Callan Schebella, CEO

Apr 11, 2018 2:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

This one hour webinar will cover Inference Solutions new natural language capabilities and positioning for a product, marketing and sales leader audience.

Callan Schebella, CEO, will share how studio virtual agents skills are being extended to handle tasks that require true natural language interfaces. He will also recap existing agent skills and communication medium, and provide an update on our task library and associated product marketing collateral. 

In the first half hour you'll learn

  • how natural language interfaces are built today and what sets Inference Solutions approach apart
  • how fast it is to get started with natural language solutions in Studio
  • what is user interfaces could be possible with demonstrations of Studio natural language solutions

In the second half hour you'll see

  • how the concept of Inference Virtual Agents allows clearer communication of value proposition
  • what skills, tasks and medium are, and how they relate to agents
  • what tasks are now included in the task library and what white-label product marketing material is available to you